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PreK 2017 2017 End of Year Pre-K Program

On Wednesday, May 17, the Treutlen County Elementary School held their 2017 Pre-K End of Year program. The program was enjoyed by students, parents and staff. If were unable to attend and would like to see the program, click on the picture to watch.

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Graduation Program 2017 Kindergarten Graduation Program

On Tuesday, May 16, the Treutlen County Elementary School conducted the Kindergarten Graduation Program. The program was great fun for students, parents, family, friends and staff. If you would like to see the program, please click on the picture.

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Superintendent's Message


Cheryl E. Conley, Ed.D.

As the Superintendent for Treutlen County Schools, located in Soperton, Georgia, let me welcome you to our school district webpage.  We are excited that you have visited our website and we hope to provide you with the information that you will need to stay abreast of our ongoing accomplishments, our upcoming events, and any special news bulletins that may be provided from time to time.  Our ultimate goal in Treutlen County is to have the best rural school district in the state of Georgia!  We take great pride....Viking Pride....in training and educating our students in a family environment.  We may be "small town" but our students and staff have heart, determination, and a desire to be the best.  We are also blessed to have the support of our community.  I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful team!   


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School District Vision and Mission

  • The Vision of Treutlen County Schools is to become the premier rural school district in Georgia.
  • The Mission of Treutlen County Schools is to empower students to strive for academic excellence, graduate from high school, and become successful life-long learners prepared for the world of work.
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