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    Governor Brian Kemp has closed all schools in Georgia through April 24, 2020.  Treutlen County Schools will continue to deliver meals on Mondays and Wednesdays along with continuing to provide learning activities for students.  We will no longer be delivering meals along the bus route beginning Monday.  We will be delivering meals to nine locations in the county to reduce the risk of COVID 19 exposure for our staff.   When the bus with lunches arrive, please form a line and keep 6 feet apart to follow the social distancing guidelines.   

    Meal delivery sites are as follows:

    Iva Park- 10:30-10:45

    Housing Authority- 10:50-11:05

    Old THS Gym- 11:10-11:25

    Poplar Creek Mobile Community- 11:35-11:45

    Zaidee Store- 11:50-12:00

    Creekwood-12:10 12:25

    FBC (behind Piglet)- 12:30-12:45

    Blackville Church 12:55-1:10

    Treutlen Elementary 11:00-12:00 

    Distance learning packets for week two will be available at Treutlen Elementary School.  On the front porch of TES, each grade level will have a bin labeled with learning packets.  Learning packets can also be printed off the system webpage by grade level.  If you have any questions, both schools will have someone answering the phone between the hours of 8AM and 3 PM next week.  

    The school system will observe Spring Break the week of April 6-10th.  No meals or learning packets will be available during that week.  

    Please be mindful of thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds, keeping a healthy distance from others, and staying home when you are sick

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Please Do Not Miss Our Calls One Call

Good communications between the school and its students, parents and community members is extremely important. The school uses a One Call system to send out phone calls to everyone at one time. We do not want you to miss an important announcement from the school system. From now on, any calls from the school’s One Call System will show up as 877-698-3261. Please make sure this number is not blocked on your phone. If you need help to ensure this number is not blocked, please contact your wireless provider. Please add this number as a contact in your phone. This will help to ensure you do not miss out.

Pre-K Registration 2020-2021 preK reg

The Treutlen County School system is now accepting applications for 2020-2021 Pre-K Registration. Registration packets may be picked up from the front of Treutlen Elementary School or downloaded below. Completed registration packets (with all documentation needed) can be returned to Treutlen Elementary School on Tuesday or Thursday of each week from 8am until 2pm (with the exception of Spring Break, April 6-10). Mrs. Christi Brantley will review the packet for completion when it is returned.

Pre-K Registration Packet


Treutlen County Schools is collecting community input from various stakeholder groups regarding the district's Career, Technical, and Ag Education program (CTAE). The following surveys are for the various stakeholder groups to give feedback as we migrate into the Perkins V grant initiative. This survey information will be reviewed and consolidated to help make improvements to our program, so that we not only meet the needs of the community and students, but so that we also are in compliance with all Perkins V regulations, which funds up to 50% of our CTAE program. 

Regional CLNA Parent Survey 

Regional CLNA Student Survey

Regional CLNA Industry Survey

Logging Into Chrome for Google Classroom Chrome Login

Some of you have said that you are having issues logging into Chrome to get access to your Google Classroom. Typically the issue is caused by not entering the entire email address. When students log in at school, the Chromebook adds part of the email address for them. If you are using a school Chromebook, they only have top type in their first and last name with no spaces. However, if you are using a personal computer, they must also type in @treutlen.k12.ga.us  

Please click HERE for more Information. 

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Middle High Vision and Mission

  • The Vision of Treutlen County Schools is to become the premier rural school district in Georgia.
  • The Mission of Treutlen County Schools is to empower students to strive for academic excellence, graduate from high school, and become successful life-long learners.
  • The Motto: Together Meeting Higher Standards for Success.